The mission of Classy Little Fashions Foundation is to support individuals with physical disabilities who have non-standard body types by developing and supporting venues that make age appropriate fashionable clothing accessible; promote positive body image, healthy living, and healthy expressions of sexuality; and, educate community about the unique and severe fundamental challenges of this minority population.

Classy Little Fashions Foundation was founded to fulfill the fashion wishes of a large adult population who require customized clothing for their atypical body types and wheelchair user lifestyles. Additionally, Classy Little Fashions Foundation recognizes that having a fashionable wardrobe has a strong impact on positive body image and interaction with life as a holistic, healthy experience.

The world of mainstream designers has not effectively addressed the needs of this minority population.

The other supply alternative is custom-designed clothing which is quite costly for the consumer. Hence, this population is forced to make do with the occasional piece of children’s clothing that somewhat fits or random adult pieces that they can alter with knots, roll-ups, or scissor-engineering that results in a pseudo wardrobe that reflects decades of gathering garments and wearing them until they are frayed and faded beyond donation status. Classy Little Fashions Foundation feels that everyone deserves to own garments that fit and are fashionable and age appropriate. It is our mission to fulfill these fashion wishes.

In addition to the sheer lack of availability of simple, fundamental clothing for everyday life, the physical limitations and stamina of this population restricts their transportation and employability; therefore, many of them are living with extremely limited income. This further complicates the challenges of locating and affording clothing that fits, functions, and is adult fashionable.

Classy Little Fashions Foundation fulfills fashion wishes of qualifying individuals, based on need and specifications of grants and funders. Classy Little Fashions collaborates with university Fashion Design Departments and other benevolent organizations within community to design custom fitted patterns and fashionable clothing for our individual wish recipients, or Classy Clients. Once a basic set of patterns is designed for a Classy Client, then building a wardrobe becomes a matter of enlisting a tailor or seamstress to produce the finished fashions based on funding and materials.

Classy Little Fashions Foundation continually accepts applications from individuals who ask to have their fashion wishes fulfilled. Donors are essential to granting wishes and are enlisted as partners throughout the wish fulfillment for their select Classy Client. Donors may expand their giving package to include salon, cosmetic, and other personalized fulfillments that enhance the fashion fulfillment wish. Donors may also chose to sponsor community events and speaking engagements that bring education about the unique and severe fundamental challenges of this minority population.

All donations to Classy Little Fashions Foundation are fully tax deductible.