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Beauty innovators collaborate

Dear friends and supporters, The definition of the word “beauty” is expanding and we couldn’t be more excited! For far too long people with disabilities were left out of the world of fashion and beauty because it wasn’t accessible to us. However, thanks to collaborative efforts like (dis)Abled Beauty, that’s all changing. What started many […]

We’re a classy family

Dear friends and supporters, Get comfortable folks because we have some exciting updates to share with you! First, back in May, Classy Little Fashions Foundation turned two years old! It’s amazing how fashion disparities for professionals with disabilities evolved into a problem solving organization. You can learn more about our history by following this link. […]

Turning fashion challenges into fashion victories

Hi there, classy friends! Back in December, we hosted a really fun Twitter Chat event. The topic of course was…FASHION! Participants were great about sharing their personal fashion victories as well as challenges. Sometimes overcoming a fashion challenge for a person with a physical disability is very simple. It doesn’t always require reinventing the wheel. One […]

How One Donor Doubled His Donation

Hi there, classy friends! We received such a generous gift recently, that we are oozing with gratitude and can’t wait to tell you all about it! One of our supporters, Alan Washington, is one of my dearest friends from college and now works for Citizens Bank. Before making his donation to Classy Little Fashions Foundation, […]

Jillian Mercado, sassy and classy

Happy Monday, classy friends! This week’s fashion accessibility shout out goes to a remarkable woman who rolled onto the fashion scene by paving her own way with her fashion blog, Manufactured 1987. Jillian Mercado’s sparkling personality, edgy style, and huge social media following keep her moving fashion forward. In 2014 she modeled for Diesel’s “modern-day […]

Rolling forward with Rolli-Moden!

Happy Monday, classy friends! Are you excited to find out who this week’s fashion accessibility shout out goes to? I’m sure excited to tell you! The fashion requirements of people with disabilities are as unique as our personalities. With this many untapped niche markets, there is no way one company or nonprofit could fulfill everyone’s […]

Jeans of our dreams are becoming a reality!

Happy Leap Day, classy friends! As I sit here wearing my favorite pair of jeans, I am reminded what an exciting time in fashion history this is. Trendy and timely clothing is finally becoming accessible to men, women, and children with disabilities. While Classy Little Fashions Foundation has mastered the art of designing fashionable jeans […]

Makeup Accessibility

Hey there, all you classy fashionistas! As I am sure you know, an integral part of looking fabulous is feeling fabulous. We may not always be conscious of it but the way others perceive us is often a reflection of how we perceive ourselves. So, ask yourself, what makes you feel fabulous? For me, having […]

Learning Curves

One of Classy Little Fashions Foundation’s goals is to promote body positivity. Designing fashionable clothing, tailored to the specific requirements of our Classy Clients, is one important step we take in reaching this goal – in fact, it’s what we are best known for! Having stylish, comfortable clothing that fits properly is guaranteed to facilitate […]

Inspired by Amy Schumer

Dear Friends, We understand that being able to express one’s self through fashion can have a huge impact on a person’s life on many levels. For example, being comfortable and confident in the right outfit can: make or break career opportunities increase your self-esteem positively influence the way others respond to you give you the […]