grey jacket

Grey Dress & Jacket

grey jacketThe grey dress is a size small Charlotte Russe top that I modified the length of the straps, cut off length and added the knit border to the bottom.

The jacket is from the same liquid knit fabric as the dress border. I used a children’s jacket pattern, as it is easier to modify with enlargements than it is to cut down a woman’s size 8.10487434_10204198083574352_7349769561133928351_n

I used size 8 cut lines for the majority of the pattern, except the length and sleeves are size 3. I added a flare in the front piece that maximizes at bottom edge to add 1″. to the chest area. To the back piece, I added 1″ to the fold, which multiplies to an additional 2″ across the back of the jacket. I may consider turning this additional fabric into a pleat at the neckline. I have to see how it lays on Jane. The biggest design epiphany was in the alteration for the left sleeve. Jane’s left arm has a bow that makes it difficult to impossible to wear a jacket. The pattern sleeve already fit pretty good, but she needed some bending room. I did not want to add any width to the armhole or the sleeve band, but had to have a good inch in the middle of the sleeve to allow for unencumbered movement of her arm. So, I bowed out the side seam of the left sleeve. It should work perfectly. The sleeves have a rouche created with elastic down the length of the sleeves that also aids with movement. I used a purchased bias tape around the edges to add a more crisp finish and contrast than using the knit would have created.

grey jacket pattern3

grey jacket pattern3