Makeup Accessibility

Hey there, all you classy fashionistas!

As I am sure you know, an integral part of looking fabulous is feeling fabulous. We may not always be conscious of it but the way others perceive us is often a reflection of how we perceive ourselves. So, ask yourself, what makes you feel fabulous?


photo by Alternative Noise Productions / Faux leather pants, exclusive CLFF design

For me, having tailor made clothes that showcase my best physical attributes definitely gives my self-esteem a boost. Another important factor that contributes to my soaring confidence level is the ability to do things myself. Simple things, complex things, all kinds of things! I find the feeling of independence to be empowering and sexy beyond compare!

Let me tell you a story. It may seem trivial to many makeup enthusiasts but those of you with physical impairments will likely understand. I accept the fact that I can’t open my front door, my refrigerator, or even a bottle of water by myself. However, not being able to open my shiny new makeup products irritates me to no end!

The ability to open and apply my own makeup without any assistance really helps me get in a confident state of mind to tackle my list of goals for the day ahead of me. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to my favorite cosmetic manufacturer, Urban Decay, for helping me look and feel amazing.


photo by Alternative Noise Productions Co-Founding Director, Jane Hash & her Hair Stylist…Jeremy from Skullz Salon

My trend-setting Hair Stylist is responsible for turning me on to this awesome company. He posted several photos of the products he uses to create his glam rocker persona on social media. Urban Decay was featured more than once. The products looked so amazing on him that I had to get my own stash!

merry yule

photo by Alternative Noise Productions

When I went scrolling through the Urban Decay website to make my selection, the 80’s teenager in me began to scream when I saw the Electric Palette! The heavily pigmented bright colors are amazing and I had to have it immediately! I turned into a giddy 13 year-old when it arrived at my door.

My PCA (Personal Care Assistant) took the beautiful palette out of the box and laid it on my dressing table before me. As I gazed at it I felt my frustration starting to kick in, assuming I’ll never be able to pick this bulky palette up or open it.

Like most things though, I gave it a try before admitting defeat. To my surprise, the palette is not as heavy as it looks. It is very light weight and durable. As I flipped it around in my hands, trying to figure out what I need to push, pull, or twist to get this treasure open, I realized it uses a magnetic closure. It takes very little effort to open it. I can do it myself! I have already dropped this beautiful palette four times and it still looks new!

Thank you Urban Decay for making an amazing and accessible makeup palette. I hope to see more makeup products designed with disabled customers in mind because everyone deserves the opportunity to feel beautiful!

Keepin’ it classy,

Jane Hash, Co-Founding Director