Carol E. Briney, Co-Founding Director

Carol E. Briney, Co-Founding Director

Design & Production

As an accomplished multi-media artist, Carol E. Briney relates her talents to learning to sew at a very early age. When asked about her childhood years, Briney describes herself as an intense child whose playtime was spent sewing with her mother and cooking with her father. She describes clothing design and sewing as her first art form and artistic foundation.

At the age of six, Briney could sew her father’s shirts and many of her own clothes and assist her mother with upholstery. She saw her childhood dolls as design mannequins, not as toys. She describes drawing elaborate patterns that came together as intricate wedding dresses for Barbie. After high school, her career path dictated corporate suits and she turned to interior design, children’s clothing, and unique artistic jacket redesigns to fulfill her passion for design and sewing.

After 35 years in the corporate forum of management, accounting, sales, marketing, and training, Briney returned to college to retool herself in the disciplines that called to her heart – fine arts and the humanities. Briney earned her Associate of Arts Fine Arts from Central New Mexico College; her Bachelor of Arts Fine Arts and Psychology minor from the University of New Mexico; and her Master of Liberal Studies from Kent State University. Briney has authored and produced numerous books, programs, events, and national arts projects.

Jane Hash, Co-Founding Director

Jane Hash, Co-Founding Director

Health and Body Image Educator

Jane Hash is a lifelong advocate for people with disabilities. She is also an educator who has been teaching and lecturing about natural health modalities across the country for over a decade. Hash was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta and has been successfully managing her health naturally and prides herself on being “pharmaceutical free.”

In college, Hash studied Business Management. Then she became interested in naturopathic studies and earned certifications from The School of Natural Healing and the National Organization of Certified Natural Health Professionals.

Hash uses a variety of platforms to carry out her work. On her podcast Hash It Out With Jane her guests include people with various disabilities that are doing extraordinary things, as well as other natural health crusaders.

She also authors several blogs and has had her writing featured in The Huffington Post, Alternet, The Leaf Online, and The Mobility Resource. Currently, Jane is working on the first draft of her autobiography.

The body of work that Jane is most proud of thus far is Plain Jane The SHOCKUMENTARY, which is a documentary by Alternative Noise Productions about her life. In addition to being the subject of this film, Hash played an active role in the editing process.