Boy cut panties

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Boy cut pantiesOften the asymetrical shape of our Classy Clients rib cages present challenges in the department of bras. Underwire is often a problem in that scenario and when brittleness is a factor. In our search to fulfill fashion wishes for sexy, feminine undergarments, we discovered that Victoria’s Secret bralettes (approx $25) are a great add for many of our clients. They come in gorgeous colors and patterns. They are not binding and have enough gathers to add a little extra. The extended border of lace at the bottom creates a full camisole for most of our clients, which offers even more creative fashion opportunities. While we were shopping at Target last week, we found yet another selection of bralettes (approx $15) that are also quite nice. So, be sure to look in both departments and treat yourself to some RED luxury.

For those of you with similar challenges but are more endowed in the breast area, what have you discovered that works for you?

Panties are a whole “nuther” story. I would like to report that I have had some success in locating panties that have room for a grown woman’s buttocks, but small leg holes that fit snug enough to block peeks. But, alas, I have not been so lucky. I’m not even sure I have found thongs that are cut to fit our peeps. It appears that the boy cuts might come the closest, but not quite. This challenge has really got me on the look for a retail answer. So far, I’m thinking we are going to have to custom design and sew panties also. I found this gorgeous pattern for boy leg panties which I believe is one we can work with. Plz chat me up regarding panties.